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Feeling Overwhelmed?  How to not let fear get the best of you

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People who know how to work with fear versus being consumed or paralyzed by it are typically good at the following four key things, so the next time you feel overwhelmed with fear, these are the steps you should implement: You aren’t going to suddenly wake up one morning and find that you’ve transformed into […]

Are You At a Crossroads? Try the Pie Challenge

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Whether you work toward changing your life from inside the system as a corporate leader or outside the system as a business owner or entrepreneur, you may have to find your way back to yourself again and again. Today, I want you to get off the starting blocks immediately, so we’re going to do an […]

Let’s Talk About Our Fear and How It Holds Us Back

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Our fears extend beyond the basic fear of bodily harm to include learned, psychological fears that can prevent us from experiencing personal growth and taking risks. Management consultant and author Dr. Karl Albrecht identified a model for the five main human fears that encapsulates the different physical and mental fears we face: Fear is a […]

How to Increase Your Chances of Success

four women standing confidently with written text "myth: when it comes down to it, women just don't have the risk tolerance."

“When it comes down to it, women just don’t have the risk tolerance.” That’s what a prominent venture capitalist told me in 2019 when I asked him why, out of the $200 billion-plus worth of global venture capital funding that year, only 2.8 percent went to women founders, and an even smaller slice to BIPOC+ […]

3 Keys to Personal Empowerment for Women

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When you work to improve yourself in a particular area, it helps you bring to the surface your own thinking about the world around you and about yourself.  For instance, by figuring out your unique needs. This activity uncovers many of your limiting beliefs, because when we believe a story that does not belong to […]

Knowing when to stay and when to get the hell out

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I want you to leave. That’s right. I want you to pack up your dead plant, those dusty birthday cards your office mates gave you three years ago and walk right out of that office!  Not enough women leave when the party is clearly over. We’ve started to confuse tenacity with insanity and fight to […]

How To Claim Your Seat at the Table

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We’ve been told by the media and the movies that there will be some climactic point in our career when we will know we have finally “arrived.” We’ve got the title, the award, and the promotion, but even when we meet these objectives, that crowning moment of validation eludes us and leaves us wondering why […]

Swap Suffering for Freedom Challenge

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Over the next three days, I want you to observe your thinking at various points throughout the day. Don’t just leave it up to chance. Set an alarm on your phone every hour to remind yourself to check in on your state of mind. If you have a fitness watch that reminds you to get […]

Getting in Touch With Your Intuition

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One way to start building trust with yourself and your intuition is to recognize that every single decision and risk you take is both rational and emotional. People may say they want to take the emotion out of a decision, but that’s impossible. The prefrontal cortex (PFC) of our brains, where our executive functioning resides, […]

How We Turn Against Ourselves

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I am not sure exactly when I stopped listening to my intuition in favor of worrying about what other people thought of me. But by the time I was seventeen I struggled with honoring my gut instinct.  Raised by a no-nonsense, Brooklyn-born mother, I had a natural propensity to distrust people out of the gate, […]