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Group Coaching

Group Coaching

We don't believe in creating dependency on coaches for achieving success.

In our experience, we don’t see women waiting until they’re “100% qualified” before they ask for leadership roles or funding.  We see capable, qualified women who are not being supported transitioning into the roles with the highest level of decision-making authority and autonomy. They’re not getting funded. They’re not getting promoted. The numbers don’t lie.

We don’t believe in waiting for someone else to bet on us as leaders.  We need to turn that power inward and bet on ourselves.  That means taking some risks.

Most female executive coaching is designed to change your style to better fit into the expectations society has of women leaders: you must be ambitious (but not too ambitious), likable, and not rock the boat.

That will win you some friends, but it won’t get you where you want to go in your career.

Risky Inc. believes in the power of small group transformation, and our coaching model is best applied when there are multiple women leaders who can form a cohort and be facilitated through the FIND HER framework together.  There is power in hearing each other’s stories, creating a community to hold each other accountable, and to celebrate the wins as a team. 
This blended learning and coaching model leverages in person workshops, online support, and at your own pace self-assessment and personal and professional development exercises.
We specialize in successful transitions from senior leadership into the C-Suite, leading at scale, turnaround leadership, and how to lead an innovative and inclusive culture.



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