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Are You At a Crossroads? Try the Pie Challenge

Whether you work toward changing your life from inside the system as a corporate leader or outside the system as a business owner or entrepreneur, you may have to find your way back to yourself again and again. Today, I want you to get off the starting blocks immediately, so we’re going to do an exercise I do with my clients when they are at a crossroads. We draw a pie with six slices: 

  1. Finances: Work that makes you feel fulfilled
  2. Future: Your money and assets
  3. Fire: Your romantic connection
  4. Family and Friends: The people you love and who love you
  5. Fifth Element: The thing you do for yourself independent of all the other relationships. It could be a hobby, a personal challenge, your faith—something that is about you increasing your own personal growth. Said another way, what is the edge you’re wanting to lean into?
  6. Fitness: How you choose to stay physically and mentally fit 

Your pie represents your current life. I’d like you to apply a percentage to each of these areas based on how much time you’re spending in each area, knowing that it must add up to 100 percent. 

Look it over and ask yourself: “Am I spending my time in the areas of my pie that bring me the most joy and that mean the most to me (my values)?” For most of us, the answer is no, and we need to make some adjustments. 

Now make a new pie, built with the percentages that you want to have right now in your life. These will change as your life circumstances change. What is the delta between your current pie and future pie? That is your next step. Understanding where you want to go and what is holding you back will put you on the path to building a life that is in tune with your values and your needs.

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