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Risky Women

Risky Women is for every woman who is tired of chasing what feels like an elusive goal of fulfillment, an imaginary “arrival point” when she will feel like she finally made it.

The progress of women in the workplace has not just stalled, but after COVID, it’s completely going backward.  Less women are being funded.  Less women are leading at the highest levels of organizations, and more women are leaving the workplace entirely because they can’t find a path for their success that doesn’t completely trade-off their home lives.  All the programming being offered to resolve this issue isn’t working because it’s lip service, not true change and advocacy.

The only real path to equity for women leaders is to forge a new one entirely.  And that starts with betting on ourselves, taking risks, and not waiting for someone else to recognize that we are ready (and able) to lead.  We need to start our own businesses.  We need to found companies that create social and economic change.  We need to be leading at the top of organizations where we can impact the lives of millions of workers and create workplace cultures that treat people like humans, not human capital.

This revolution of women leaders begins when we stop putting up with bullshit and staying in relationships with companies, managers and investors who don’t value our contributions or our potential.

Risky Women is effective because it doesn’t ask women to squeeze into a mold that doesn’t fit them or feel authentic.  It capitalizes on what is already a key strength of all women – we are natural risk takers with a high risk/reward potential – we just have to retrain ourselves to turn that skill inward offensively, versus outward, defensively.  When more women have the confidence to bet on themselves and make bold moves, anything is possible.



The book is structured around the framework that I’ve used to rediscover myself and help others take the risks necessary to bring them closer to their purpose. Fittingly, the acronym for this framework is “FIND HER.” Fear. Intuition. Need. Drive. Habit. Empowerment. Risk & Reward.



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