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When you know you’re screwing it up and need someone to help point you in the right direction.

Most organizations call Risky Inc. when they’ve already diagnosed a culture issue (it’s actually a leadership issue, but they don’t know that yet). Engagement is flagging, performance is flat or sinking, and people are leaving. The solution is simple, but many organizations aren’t brave enough to face it.

You can benefit from consulting with Risky Inc. if you’re seeing these issues in your business:
  • Your DEI, employee engagement, and retention surveys results are for shit.

  • You have one or two leaders making all the decisions (and they’re burning out).

  • You can’t seem to get great talent to stay (or even consider your organization).

  • You’re a founder who just can’t let go but you’re drowning and can’t scale like you need to.

Through our work together you’ll start to get back on track - but you have to do the heavy lifting.

You will need to take a risk and be brave enough to:

  • Put a critical eye on your top leadership team, and determine how good they are at building talent, scaling the organization, and role modeling your values
  • Listen to your employees and make meaningful changes that address their pain points
  • Own the mistakes and the gap between what you say matters and what you’re actually doing


If you can face these things head on, you’ll start to notice a new momentum in your business pretty quickly.



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