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Megan Ragsdale wearing a black top on a black background smiling

Queen of “That’s Not Dinner Conversation,” Megan skillfully layers her core values of courage, curiosity, and humor into a powerful and relatable experience for people who want to make big changes, but keep getting in their own way.

Megan is an accomplished certified executive coach, author, and innovator with a proven performance record in growth leadership, high performing cultures, talent management, leadership development, and innovation. She has a particular love for helping organizations grow inclusive and high performing cultures, mastering great leadership, and helping women make big moves to get into top positions (or know when it’s time to leave).

She is passionate about teaching emotional intelligence as a key competency for increasing business performance, and is a certified “Search Inside Yourself” Mindful Leadership instructor, a program incubated at Google.

Megan has a specialty in helping organizations scale by getting the right people in the right positions, increasing their speed to market, and doubling their market evaluation. Her clients include: Hulu, Dollar Shave Club, The North Face, The FBI, SONY, and Microsoft.