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YPO Facilitation

YPO Facilitation

Stop sharing the same old updates
Start making progress toward resolving your issues.

Forum can be the most transformational component of a leader’s YPO experience, but sometimes we get too comfortable with each other – and true change can’t happen when you’re comfortable. Risky Inc. can get you back to taking chances with each other, reaching new levels of vulnerability and connection that push the forum to grow, deepening the foundation together.

How YPO Facilitation can support your forum or forum retreat:

  • Reinvigorate the process and get people out of their comfort zones
  • Establish commitments and a new way of working together that gets to the 5%, not the same updates
  • Experience the immediate results from radical self-inquiry and break through old beliefs that are holding you back

Through our work together you’ll be able to:

  • Metamorphosize from being ok advice givers to outstanding questioners
  • Learn how to facilitate others on their own learning journeys while participating in your own
  • Utilize forum as a force multiplier versus a “personal board of directors”

Retreat Topics

Mindset transformation

an exploration of your believes, values, strengths, and how you act your way into thinking differently

Whole Person 360

understanding your strengths and blindspots and how to prime yourself for risk

Getting unstuck

how to uncover what you need, get out of your own way, and build the habits to create long-lasting change

Building your authentic leadership style

Mindfulness for high performing leaders and teams

Taking risks and making big moves

learn how to apply the same risk strategies you use as a CEO to your personal decisions

Conflict Resolution

learn how to use conflict to your advantage

Team dynamics and strengths-based assessments

harness the power of your group by leveraging each person’s strengths


a deep dive into the meta competency all executives need to master