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Swap Suffering for Freedom Challenge

Over the next three days, I want you to observe your thinking at various points throughout the day. Don’t just leave it up to chance. Set an alarm on your phone every hour to remind yourself to check in on your state of mind. If you have a fitness watch that reminds you to get up every hour, you can stack your habits and do this at the same time. When you check in on your thinking, it’s common to find yourself sad, angry, stressed, or overwhelmed. 

That is often our default state unless we work to change it, and that’s what this challenge is going to help you do. First, identify the thinking loop (positive or negative) you were stuck in right before you checked in. If it’s negative, try flipping the switch so you can get in the habit of replacing that negative thinking with more helpful thinking. Note that I’m not saying positive, because toxic positivity is a thing, but helpful thinking. Even if there’s still a twinge of worry, helpful thinking reframes your thought into something you can take action against or at least be more compassionate with yourself about. This exercise will be difficult at first because most people (myself included) are detached from how they feel. As they say, the eighteen inches between your head and your heart is sometimes the longest distance you’ll ever have to travel. 

But if you do this consistently enough, you won’t need the reminders because you will start to identify your own negative thought loops and flip the switch.

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