Risky Women

Risky Women is for every woman who is tired of chasing what feels like an elusive goal of fulfillment, an imaginary “arrival point” when she will feel like she finally made it.
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Did you know that only 2.8 percent of the $200 billion in venture capital funding went to female founders? Or that only 30 of the S&P 500 companies have women CEOs and none were founded by women? 

The reality is that leadership is given to men, but it is gifted to women.

I wrote Risky Women to give you the ability to observe yourself non-judgmentally, while honing the skills required to navigate a system that was not designed for you to succeed. By making risk a daily practice, you will be able to take chance and fear out of what once felt like paralyzing life decisions, so you can finally live out your purpose and achieve your potential.

The book is structured around the framework that I’ve used to rediscover myself and help others take the risks necessary to bring them closer to their purpose. It focuses on the core areas needed to properly identify emotions and restore confidence, while building up that risk-taking muscle that will allow readers to tap into their true potential. Fittingly, the acronym for this framework is “FIND HER.” Fear. Intuition. Need. Drive. Habit. Empowerment. Risk & Reward.

Each chapter dives into a different area, while building upon the foundation we’ve created. These topics are often only discussed individually, but they involve the same emotions and behaviors, so they feed off each other. It’s only natural that they be combined into a process, and that’s what makes this method so effective.

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MEGAN FARRELL RAGSDALE is an executive coach, thought leader and C-Suite veteran with more than 20 years in the trenches with brands like Hulu, Dollar Shave Club, Deloitte, Motorola, SONY and The North Face. With a winning record in scaling businesses for investment and building high performing teams and cultures, Megan’s greatest strength is meeting people where they’re at while building a path to what’s possible. Megan lives in San Diego with her husband and two daughters.


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