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This time, bet on you

Organizations and investors don’t get it.  They’re not funding your businesses, they’re not hiring you into the C-suite, and they don’t value your talent and contributions.  The hell with that.

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Take a Risk

We’ve done the work, we’ve asked for the promotions, and yet there’s still so few of us at the top of organizations.  We’re taught from the time we are young how to mitigate and fear risk, but not enough about how to use risk to our advantage.  Changing our position from defending against risk to becoming the risk taker.  When we bet on ourselves, we don’t have to wait for someone else to recognize our contributions and talent.  The one commodity we all have is time.  Don’t waste yours with investors or in an organization that doesn’t value you.
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Develop a leadership style that feels like you, not a mold you’re trying to fit.

The Book

Risky Women

Risky Women is for every woman who is tired of chasing what feels like an elusive goal of fulfillment, an imaginary “arrival point” when she will feel like she finally made it.

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About Risky Inc

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At Risky Inc., we know that without urgent intervention, it will take over 100 years to reach gender parity in the workforce.  We are committed to building a new workplace paradigm where women can easily succeed at the highest levels of leadership, and that begins with getting more women to take risks and bet on themselves while educating organizations and investors on how to harness and ignite the collective power of women leaders.
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Find Her a self study framework

Learn to love risk

You can start making big moves today.  While you’re waiting for the book to arrive, download this workbook and learn how to use the framework to move through fear and into action.